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May 27, 2015

Altar and affirmations flashcards

The truth is that I never wanted to be the type of person who used affirmations. Hippies, woo-woos, positive people use affirmations: I didn’t want to be associated with them! Most of all, I just wanted to be grounded, successful, perfect and rad all on my own. When I first began hanging out with one of my best friends, Julian, what initially drew me towards him was that he had a calm, positive, supportive air about him. Without being fake, like many of the “calm”, “positive”, “supportive” people I’d been around. How was he so genuinely likable? What was his secret? Then it hit me — I asked, “Do you have, like, a list of affirmations or something?”

He did.  He’s posted it here.  It’s really long.

He was that type of person.  After reading over his list I looked at him and realized that he really seemed to embody every single one of those affirmations.  That day I began saying his list out loud during my commute to school in the mornings, spending about 30 seconds on each affirmation to allow myself to believe it.

Within 2 days my life had changed.  I woke up happy and energetic, I was more patient, I smiled at strangers, I talked to strangers, I formed genuine relationships with strangers. I was confident, I saw myself as equal to the world, and I felt like I was enough. Suddenly public speaking, social events, and older, “cooler” people stopped intimidating me.

Then I fell off the wagon, and I forgot about being enough.  Since Julian gave me his list of affirmations two years ago I have stopped and started saying the affirmations more times than I can count.  Each time I start again it only takes a day to recognize their positive effect.  Falling off the affirmation-wagon reminds me how powerful affirmations are, but it also shows me that I never return to the same place I was to begin with.  The act of practicing saying affirmations actually changes the patterns in which your brain operates, so you’ll never think the same again.

My practice

It’s nice to have Julian’s complete list on-hand from all over the world (as long as I have my phone or a computer), but after saying them hundreds of times now, I’ve deleted and added some, and modified how I use them.

I have a stack of tiny affirmation flashcards on my altar in my bedroom. I keep them in a bowl, and in the morning I go through each of them quickly, spending a few seconds reading each one. When I pick up one that I feel I really need time to truly believe, I place it face-up on my altar and continue through the stack. After I’ve run through all the cards in the bowl, I then turn to the ones laid out and spend about 30 seconds on each one, lining them up, and I leave those out for the day.  Before bed I return to my altar and go through my selected cards again and spend a few moments thinking about each one as I place it back in the bowl.  This act of review allows me to see how I’ve come to embody the words.

I AM Affirmations

These simple “I AM” affirmations are my favorite because I feel that they are the foundation to all other affirmations. For example, I can just cut to the chase by saying “I am committed” and that’s broad enough to mean a number of different things, depending on what I’m needing for the day.

What I also like about this specific list of I AM affirmations is that when I go through them, I don’t feel like I’m kidding myself. One time I tried out an “I am free of debt” affirmation, but it took a lot of work to try to convince myself that I was “free” from debt in one sense, when I wasn’t free from it in “all” senses. I find that “I am in sync with the infinite universe” works much better for me because it makes me feel like I can’t ever fuck up — thus, getting 20k in debt doesn’t bother me.

I AM affirmation flashcards download

I AM affirmation flashcards download

If you’d like to give these affirmation flashcards a shot for yourself, click the link below to download. I laminated mine before I chopped them up, which I found makes them easier to handle. With different definitions of success and infinite ways of thinking, this is only one method, one list. Maybe you don’t want them. Maybe you want to make your own. Maybe you just want to cut out 5 of them and trash the rest. I wont be offended, but I would love to hear about your experience if you choose to try them out!


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