The Importance of Appreciation

July 27, 2015


A friend once pointed out that I am happy in any living situation. I do easily adapt to new situations (a common characteristic of a Sagittarius), which I think is due to the fact that I truly appreciate every circumstance. I naturally look at every form of my daily life and environment with positivity. Yet, even though I have felt more whole then ever in my newest life as a mom, running my own business, being surrounded by nature in my mountain hometown, and blogging about my thoughts, style, and DIY tutorials, lately I’ve realized that my appreciation is lacking in relation to my love life.

It could be from my hormones after having a baby or me just concentrating on being a mother, but after turning inward it’s evident that I’ve built up a brick wall since our baby was born.  My Love shares his appreciation towards me all the time but I have had trouble allowing myself to let go and relax in order to receive and give back the love. It is good for your health, your loved ones, and the universe to show your appreciation, so I have decided to do my best to break down this wall that I have created and return the love.

Self-worth & purpose

When appreciation is not shared a person’s sense of self-worth and purpose is diminished. People feel that their existence is meaningful when their actions and presence are acknowledged. If we aren’t acknowledged then we think people don’t consider us important. Showed appreciation gives us a sense of self-love and purpose that makes us conquer more in our lives. Without purpose what are we?

My Love can produce art quick and easy, but when I tell him how much I value his work and his genius as an artist, his confidence is boosted and his creative limits are boundless. Your relationship can be in a staggered place of tension with no appreciation, but if you sink into it and show how much you truly love and appreciate each other, the passion becomes stronger. Knowing that you are appreciated and needed not only for your love, but for your skills, enhances your abilities and enriches life!


Giving: If I saw a girl walk by that had a really cute outfit on, I would keep the compliment to myself — why couldn’t I say it out loud to her? It would only do good! I needed to let go of the fear I felt inside of expressing my inner thoughts out loud and just tell her! So, giving more compliments was one of my New Year’s resolutions and now I express my inner positive thoughts outwardly to spread the love! It feels good hear a compliment because the recipient feels acknowledged and valuable, but it also feels good to give one because you are doing something to make someone’s life better.

Receiving: On the other end of this, I was terrible at receiving compliments.  When someone would say something nice to me I would reply, “nooo…” bashfully.  Then I realized you have to fully take in that energy given to you, truly appreciate it, and complete the cycle of positive energy by accepting the compliment, because appreciation is meant to be shared!  I now try to accept compliments with love and a big thank you.

Show your gratitude

Be grateful for everything and don’t hesitate to share your appreciation with those around you — it’s infectious. We all know we should be grateful, but sometimes we need to be reminded.

I challenge you to spread compliments around, and not hold them in. Hug your momma! Send flowers! Tell your friend how they’ve changed your life! Send out postcards to remind them of their radness! Kiss your lover!

We set artificial limits daily for how much positive energy we can give. Let go and let the positive gratitude seep out of you. Rekindle that spice in your life with appreciation. There is nothing like spreading the love to put a smile on our face and set you up for the best that has yet to come.

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    Love this! Thanks for sharing Drie!

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