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Yoga with Baby

October 27, 2015


Since becoming a new mom I have also become more entrenched in yoga then ever before, because I have been figuring out how to incorporate Wyatt into my practice, and it’s something fun we can do together. After becoming a certified yoga instructor this summer, I decided to blog about doing yoga with your little ones.  This first series includes ways you can include your baby into you practice.

sun salutations with baby

Flowing in sun salutations is actually fairly easy with a baby. Rise up together in mountain and slowly roll vertebrate by vertebrate down into your forward fold. Lay your baby down or let them sit up to finish your salutation. Have fun play and repeat as much as you wish.

yoga poses with baby

(I forgot to add chair pose, another great pose to do together)

Body & Mind Inspiration

Yoga Teacher Training with Baby Wyatt

September 15, 2015


Last month I was able to complete the extremely rewarding experience of becoming a certified yoga teacher, which I didn’t anticipate happening until my baby boy, Wyatt Grey, was much older and able to spend more time without me. However, by following my passions, and the fruition of a new friendship, I was able to finish my first yoga teacher training with Baby Wyatt on the yoga mat next to me. This is my story about the fostering of positive relationships and intentions, and how dreams can come true when you least expect it.

How I Fell In Love with Yoga

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been active and into fitness, constantly exploring my outdoor environment, climbing trees, riding horses, skiing, and doing sit-ups and pull-ups just to test my strength. In junior high I went to a few yoga classes at a gym with my mom and I was immediately hooked; I loved the slow-paced workout that pushed me physically and challenged my balance and flexibility, all while clearing my head. I started working at that gym during the summers, making healthy food and drinks at the snack bar and signing people up for memberships, and I got free classes. I had just started running cross country, and doing yoga right after a run is the perfect paring. My tight runner legs stretched instantly, and I felt energized, beautiful and whole for the rest of the day. I felt the internal power, strength and light within. When I moved to L.A. I continued attending new and exciting yoga classes to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel better about myself and the world.

I always thought I’d really love to teach yoga. During my cross country years in high school I was never an excellent runner because I didn’t have the passion to push myself to my full potential. However, my team loved me and I was always sent to the state finals, not for running, but for my positive energy. I was the motivational coach that massaged everyones calves on bus and cheered them on during their race. This positive energy has continued within me for the last decade, coaching others informally about positivity and gratitude. I knew that yoga would be a wonderful way I could continue to share and broaden my light with others, as well as share my passion for strength, flexibility, and balance.


My Life and Teacher Training Aligning

While yoga teacher training was always something I really wanted to do, it seemed more like an idea for the future. The time and money never lined up, so I continued to take classes and grow my home practice. I kept doing yoga throughout my pregnancy and started back up as soon as I was physically able after Wyatt was born, sometimes incorporating him into my practice.

When I moved back to my hometown I met an incredible woman that made many of my dreams align. Sariah had moved to our small mountain town with her family while I was living in California, so when I returned home I was surprised to find and meet a soul that shared so many of the same passions. Sariah is a dancer, yoga teacher, a Crossfit coach, and she also happened to have silks in the Crossfit training gym. The minute I found out that she had silks to play on, I was there. I was so happy to have aerial back in my life.  I had been doing aerial training at Cirque School L.A., but when I moved back to Pagosa I thought that those aerial days where behind me until I could afford to get my own equipment and train at home.

I started going to Sariah’s yoga class on Sundays with Wyatt and then we would play on the silks after. I soon got to know Sariah even more and felt so blessed to have her in my life. At the start of summer she told me that she wanted to teach a yoga teacher training course. I immediately told her I was in. I was probably the first one to sign up, and a few months down the road, Sariah’s first yoga teacher training began. Class was held at her private yoga studio, SE School of Movement, nestled away in the mountains at her house.




The Experience

There were four of us in the class, plus Wyatt.  I apprehensively asked Sariah if it was alright to bring Wyatt, since that would be the only way I’d be able to attend the training. Without hesitation she said yes, sure that it would benefit everyone.  So, Wyatt Grey and I spent a whole week together doing poses, meditating, studying, breathing, and playing. It was a wonderful adventure, both in the studio and at home doing “homework”. We all practiced teaching each other, studying anatomy, learning acro yoga, going on fun nature walks, and teaching yoga on the paddle boards.


Yoga Teacher Training with a Baby

The whole class warmed up to Wyatt fast. The rest of our new little yogi community would take turns holding him and entertaining him when I wasn’t able to. When Wyatt had to sleep I put him down and he would sleep on the floor, cuddled up during class. I also got to practice teaching with Wyatt, showing the rest of the class how I incorporate him into my practice. Yoga teacher training was great with Wyatt and it will be cool to tell him later in life that he finished his first teacher training at 7 months!


Whats next

My Love and I are on the road for a month collecting new vintage for Ghost Rabbits, tattooing, and seeing family and friends.  I plan to organize a few yoga flow classes that I want to teach and practice with everyone while we’re on the road. Eventually, I will do donation-based classes at home in Pagosa and on the road.  I also want to do a yoga-with-baby class and blog post series soon— stay tuned, it will be fun!