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Incorporating Vintage into Your Wardrobe

October 3, 2015



Many people assume that dressing in vintage is full-on costuming yourself in a specific period. Sometimes that is the case and I personally do love to do that, since I’m a costume-history nerd; to me, it’s magical assembling an outfit from a different time period. However, there are those times when you just want to throw in a little vintage here-and-there, spicing up an ensemble without appearing like you belong in any specific period of time, and finding ways to make your style more unique and defined.

I’ve always been a huge fan of vintage because I adore old things. I love the quality in which things where made back in the day compared to now; most of our fashion, products, cars, household items, and food are all mass-produced and cheaply-made. I find it amazing that I can go into an antique store and find a cardigan that was hand-crafted in the USA with beautiful hand-done beadwork made from fine cashmere with matching silk lining hand-stitched to the inside, all for the same price as a cheaply-fabricated cardigan from a online store. Many people don’t realize that you can find really high quality treasures in Podunk Town antique stores. As a romantic, I also love that these handcrafted treasures have a story and a past that we get to carry on.

With out further adieu, here is how Ursala and I like to incorporate some of our favorite vintage pieces into our style, from wearing just a touch of the past, to having it be the focus of our ensemble. Hopefully it offers up a little inspiration!

Pictured Above

  • White Buffalo t-shirt from the band themselves
  • Thrifted necklace
  • Fat decorative belt from L.A.’s fashion district
  • Vintage crushed velvet dress from Ghost Rabbits
  • Ankle flats by GH Bass & Co.



  • Camisole from Ross
  • Skirt handmade from previous post DIY Circle Skirt
  • Sunglasses from downtown L.A. fashion district
  • Vintage necklace and earrings
  • Vintage patent leather 60s Mod Fanfanfares pumps are up for sale at Ghost Rabbits
  • Vintage mid century patent leather purse



  • Vintage 1980s velvet wiggle dress worn twice by Ursala’s mom
  • Gold shoes by Pilcro and the Letterpress
  • Vintage gold hairclip from my grandmother
  • Brass bracelet gifted from Benin
  • Vintage leather mid century handbag from Ghost Rabbits





  • Vintage 80s leather shoulder-capped button-up thrifted
  • Hand-me-down J + CO jeans
  • Black suede wedge pumps by Cooperative
  • Fat red belt thrifted



What We Wore: Summer Styles

August 27, 2015

A few of our favorite styles from summer.

Summer Styles - Native Roots

Summer Styles - Native Roots

Summer Styles - Bohemian Pinup

Summer Styles - Bohemian Pinup

Summer Styles - Mexican inspiration

Summer Styles - Mexican inspiration

  • Embroidered Méxicana shirt gifted
  • Lace shorts thrifted
  • Platforms by Farylrobin
  • Pearl necklace by Christa Laos

Summer Styles - Bohemian Pinup

Summer Styles - Bohemian Pinup

  • Dress Buffalo by David Bitton
  • Vintage parasol
  • Vintage purse
  • Sandal wedges by Dolce Vita
  • Thrifted sunglasses
  • Antique bangles
  • Earring a gift from Ursala during her trip to Bolivia

Matchy Matchy Mama & Son

May 21, 2015

Sometimes I like to match my son…



  • Cherokee striped onesie from target
  • Harem pants made by Mama
  • Argyle socks from Target


  • Forever21 color blocked dolman blouse
  • Forever21 high waisted trousers
  • Thrifted Merona Flats
  • Extreme cat eye sunglasses from Downtown LA Fashion District



  • Handmade tie dye onesie by family friend
  • Thrifted leggings
  • Color blocked socks from Target


  • Camisole from Ross
  • Vintage high waisted, early 1960’s, box pleated, wool, A-line skirt by Koret of California from antique store
  • Vintage beaded necklace from thrift store
  • Vintage straw-patent look 1960s hat by Marche from antique store
  • Thrifted Merona Flats



  • Skeleton onesie from Pop Killer
  • Carter’s Baby Boys’ Black Wayfarer Sunglasses
  • Socks from Target


  • Tank from Ross
  • Forever21 lace skirt
  • Gifted jersey braided belt from friend
  • Vintage beaded necklace from thrift store
  • Vintage clip on heirloom earrings from my Grandma
  • Off to the Laces Ballet Flats from Pinup Girl Clothing
  • Extreame cat eye sunglasses from Downtown LA Fashion District