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Superhighway Briefs


Superhighway Brief #005:
O’Keeffe style, shameless selfies & embracing fear

September 30, 2015

Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired


Superhighway Brief #004:
Morning routines & the moon

September 4, 2015

Becoming a Morning Person


Superhighway Brief #003:
Instagram, Success & Living Long

August 1, 2015

superhighway brief

The internet surprised me this month. It’s been 17 years since I first started scouring the web, and I’ve gone through countless phases where I find myself totally done with it. Over it. Find a cave in a mountain and live there without electricity pumping through my walls. But then I Instagrammed hard-core for the entire month of July, and although I’m exhausted and so relieved the month is over, I think I love the internet more.

If you’ve been following along then you know that July was #SCcreatejuly month, where I challenged everyone to make time to create every single day. I went the first 3 weeks Instagramming everything I made, stressing out, trying to get an image posted before morning… before I realized that Instagram wasn’t actually part of the challenge. All I had to do was create, and that was easy. So then I slowed down my Instagramming and had time to breathe again.  BUT, during that stressful period of worrying about how many people thought my latest collage was cool, I saw a lot of other people’s work. I got to know what Instagram hashtags linked me to photos that made me feel things (#vscoart, #namaste, #cutandpaste etc). And I would enter these worlds, far away where it was already morning, and see how other people saw the world. And that shit is cool. That’s why the internet is so f-ing cool these days. If you can keep yourself from comparing your life to those of others, then Instagram can be a sick-ass place to gather inspiration and be in awe of the planet we live on (and beyond, @nasa).

Before moving on I want to thank the five ladies who contributed photos to #SCcreatejuly — I loved your representation of the prompts and knowing that you were making cool stuff alongside me. The featured image above is a montage of several #SCcreatejuly posts, and these are the five lovely ladies who joined in: @just_drie @babydel @jacquebblackie @mountainmermaid58 @bandolina_ @roadkyl

Now, moving on, here are some of my favorite links from July.


Superhighway Brief #002:
Yoko Ono, bud accommodations & sexy swearing

July 4, 2015
Yoko Ono on Instagram

My mini list of cyber places I’ve enjoyed over the month, to inspire:


Superhighway Brief #001:
butt wallpaper, righteous tarot art & French everything

June 3, 2015

Wild Tarot Deck

Here is my favorite of the web to help inspire you in June.