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Clipboard Planning: Week & Month

July 24, 2015

Clip Board Planner Pages download

I’m a planner nerd. I’ve experimented with more planners than I can count. Numerous lists are the only way I can get everything done that I want to while running my graphic design business and being a stay-at-home-mom. Last year I created an entire planner system to organize my whole life by the project, year, month, day and hour. When I was using my planner I was incredibly productive, but it was in this big ole binder that I’d leave at people’s houses or forget in whatever bag matched my outfit that day. And I secretly loved when it got lost. If it was out of sight then I’d just avoid looking at it and I could just laze around. So I decided to abandon it.

I transitioned to my phone, which was a promising shift. All of my appointments and notes were synced between my phone, laptop, and desktop computer and I never missed a meeting. While the “Reminders” iPhone app is great for making lists, it wasn’t in my face. The calendar and Reminders app were both too far removed from my physical environment.

I decided to try a hybrid of the two systems, clamped to a $.99 clipboard, and it’s working fabulously.



The new planner sheets I designed are a mix between two of my favorite planner systems: the Uncalendar and the Planner Pad.  I leave it at my desk or on the kitchen counter for easy reference, and there’s page-order flexibility since the sheets aren’t bound. From the Uncalendar I took the blank boxes, so you can customize the planner to your own lifestyle. From the Planner Pad I took their funnel system of first listing your tasks in the top row, dividing the tasks up into days in the second row, and then inserting the tasks into your schedule in the bottom row. I also added a daily tracker area for repetitive daily tasks, which I like to use to create habits (ie: daily yoga, art, vitamins, etc).

I still enter my appointments and meetings into my iPhone since I can’t bring the clipboard with me wherever I go, but I copy them onto my tangible planner so I can easily schedule out my day hour-by-hour. Is that totally insane? Scheduling by the hour? It may be, but it’s the only way I can maintain mindful productivity.

If you’re looking for a new way to bring order to your life, download this first little PDF of planner pages and let me know how it goes for you! This first packet of clipboard planner sheets only includes the weekly, monthly and yearly views, but keep checking back because I’ll be sharing my other project planning and budgeting sheets soon!


Clipboard Planner Sheets

Download ORANGE


Notes: I print my sheets selecting the “borderless” option in the Print Settings, using paper that’s at least 30 lbs in weight, though these are only personal preferences. I use a bit of the Bullet Journal planning system also, to prioritize and categorize items.