Monthly Adventure: Tubing the San Juan River

August 3, 2015


We are so lucky to have the San Juan river run straight though our little mountain town, and with a lush spring showering us with lots of moisture, our river has been nice and full.  The best way to celebrate our gratitude is to go with the flow of nature and float down the middle of town on its wild currents.

This was our fun monthly adventure with one of our best friends, Emilie. We all grew up in Pagosa Springs and the river was one of the many outdoor activities to take advantage of in summer.  Being all grown up and having to prioritize our time with adult stuff, its hard to escape and float the river like when we were little niñas running amuck! Tempted by our youth and the river at the perfect depth, we luckily all found time this month for our adventure.

Ursala and I are broke, so we had to do this on a low budget. The river is free, thank goodness, so we just needed to find some free inner tubes and luckily our good friend lent us her tubes for the day. The only money that was spent was on a rad waterproof bag Ursala purchased for her iPhone so we could take photos.





Most of the photos that were taken only show the calm side to the river because we were too busy screaming to take pictures in the rapids. But there are a ton of wild rapids that were built into the river by relocating giant rocks, making it a fun challenge to stay on your tube!

Floating the river is a fantastic way to rekindle your youth, catch up with friends, and it’s a free adventure!



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