Monthly Adventure: SUP & Yoga at Echo Lake

September 1, 2015

Paddle Boarding in Pagosa Springs

As summer nears its end, we decided to go paddle boarding at Echo Lake for our monthly adventure.  Still without any extra money to our names, and SUP boards being fairly expensive to rent, a good friend luckily lent us her boards. Our intention was to set off early in the morning to get some good morning light.  However, mom-duties made us get to the lake a little later than we wanted. The light and weather was beautiful.  Echo Lake is only 10 minutes from our downtown, and great little escape!



Floating along the still-water with nothing but quiet surrounding us in the crips early light was the perfect meditative experience.  We stretched here and there, leisurely, and the got a little energy to try some balancing yoga poses on the boards— that was a challenge! The morning was so peaceful and beautiful that I couldn’t help but be full of gratitude for the friends in our lives who help make our adventures possible, and the abundant nature that surrounds us.






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