Monthly Adventure: Ice Cave Ridge

June 5, 2015


Each month Adrienne and I plan to document at least one of our adventures together. We don’t spend as much time together as you would think for living only an 8-minute drive away, so we have to make big, exciting plans so that we’ll make girl-time for each other.



ice_caves_pagosa - 1

Last week Adrienne, Wyatt, Simone, Amelie, my dog Hank, and I loaded up the van and drove 30 minutes to one of Pagosa’s most trekked hike trails: the Piedra River Ice Caves.  It’s a short trail brings you to some deep fissures that shelter ice from the sun, that usually doesn’t completely melt until the end of June.  The fissures are over 25 ft deep and over 25 ft long and continue to get larger and deeper with each melt-freeze cycle.

Unfortunately, we didn’t attempt to take pictures inside the caves until the end of the hike, and by the time we got to them there was a group of 30 enthusiastic tourists climbing inside who we didn’t feel like kicking them out for some candid selfies.  It was taking too damn long for them all to trickle through the caves, so we just went home.

ice_caves_pagosa - 2

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