Incorporating Hats into Ensembles

March 14, 2016



There are those days that your hair is bad or perhaps your too lazy to style it or you just don’t have the time. So what do you do? … Wear a hat! I have collected vintage hats for a decade and regularly incorporate them into my ensembles but I also love to wear them when my roots need to be touched up or I’m rushing out the door.

In the 1940s the turban hat gained popularity because it was a stylin’ look to disguise and protect your hair when working in manual jobs in factories and farms. It was a design that could be created with minimal sewing skills and helped to conceal the hair when access to hairdressers, shampoo, and even water, might be limited due to the war.  Today I feel we’re in a similar economic situation and I still love the turban design, as you will see me wear in one of these shots. It’s my favorite quick-fix for easy elegance and no hassle.

Ursala and I wore some of our favorite hats (all of which have romantic fashion history) for this style post because she needed a haircut and I needed my roots touched up. It ended up being a great way to show how we incorporate hats into our ensembles.

Pictured Above

  • 1960s silk velvet and satin bucket hat from Ghost Rabbits
  • Sheer striped hi-lo top from Lush
  • Black leggings with contrast velevet tuxidio style by David Lerner
  • Black ridding boots from Tahari

ursalawinterhat1 ursalawinterhat2


  • 1940s black velvet Wilshire beret from Ghost Rabbits
  • Sheer georgette and french terry dolman sweater from Lush
  • Black cropped top by Free People
  • Black jersey wrap skirt by Nasty Gal
  • Black ridding boots from Tahari


  • Vintage olive baret
  • Great Grandma’s walrus tusk ivory rose earrings
  • Thrifted wool scarf
  • Leather jacket from Target
  • Dotted chiffon shirt from Forever21
  • Leggings by Victoria’s Secret



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