What to Wear When You’re Feeding a Baby Mammal

June 19, 2015


Although I’ve become a lot less modest now that I’m breast-feeding my second mammal child, I still don’t like revealing my ethnic ta-tas to all the white people. Constant double-takes. “Why are your areolas so dark?!

You may have different excuses for wanting to cover up. I’m going to share my stylin’ breast-feeding tips for all you mommas with any kind of excuse to not use a giant nursing bib while fattening up your babe.

Tank & T

The t-shirts don’t need to stay packed away until Baby is weened.  Tried & true, the simplest solution to hacking the high-teckline-tops-while-breast-feeding dilemma is to put a tank top under it.  Then you can pull up the top layer to free your boob, and cover baby’s sweaty head with it.


Crop Tops

The trendy new crop tops are my saviors when it comes to still wearing high-waist skirts: unzipping to re-tuck your shirt into your skirt in public after nursing isn’t too classy. I always put a tank top under mine and then zip up a high-waist skirt over it.



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Scarfs & Rebozos

Scarfs are the most versatile solution in my experience, and much more aesthetically appealing than the giant nursing bib.  You can wear a low-neck top and pull your boob out, but then hide that sucker with a stylish, flowy scarf that always matches your outfit.  You can carry it around your neck when not in use to hide leaking-nipple/bra stains, wrap it around your shoulders on the airplane, use it as a baby blanket, wipe up milk that’s dribbling down your baby’s chin, and/or bunch it up for a pillow under baby’s head on the changing table.  Adrienne usually has her rebozo on her, which is a little more material to lug around, but a good option if you’d like something less sheer.

Boleros & Shrugs

Boleros don’t really cover as much as the above options, but sometimes tank tops and scarfs just wont jive with the more formal events. Boleros & shrugs can still cover up ugly nursing-bra straps and act as a curtain/screen to sort of block people’s view of your breast.  Plus, when they tie at your waist like the photo below, they help give the impression that you don’t have a bunch of back/tummy fat clenched into the waist of the skirt that fit you in junior high.



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