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Clearing Space & Expanding Time

May 11, 2015

expand space increase time

How to defy physics to create productive, supportive environments for getting shit done:

  • Create a quite space in the morning— a half hour.
  • Journal or write an email to a distant friend for 20 minutes, unload. Life events, mind, body, and soul.
  • Meditate for 2 minutes. Sit and listen to your body at that very moment: feel what it’s like to be. you. now.
  • If you think about Facebooking or watching Breaking Bad, pause and remind yourself of all the really cool things you could be doing instead.
  • Don’t listen to music in the car. Be with yourself and allow yourself to come up.
  • Clean up your desk, kitchen, work table, or bedroom. Create clarity.
  • Turn down invitations if you have something productive you’d rather do instead.
  • Give your full attention to your loved ones, and listen, absorb.
  • Mentally acknowledge 5 things your are grateful for before digging in to breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • Be mindful with each bite you take.
  • Take a break between work/creation every 15 minutes to stretch and lengthen.
  • Make time for a 20 minute walk. No music. Open your senses.
  • Take a breath between actions.

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