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Clean & Chic with A Bold Accent

June 27, 2015

Sometimes I go through my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear, so there’s a fun little game I play to create new outfits.  I choose an accessory and base the rest of the outfit around it in a clean and simple way so the chosen accessory pops!  Here are a few of my favorite accessories and how I dress them down so they are the main focus of my ensemble.

bold accents 3-01

  • Blouse by Zara
  • Hi-lo Skirt by H&M
  • Vintage black slip
  • Gifted jersey braided belt from a friend
  • Antique heirloom gold leaf and tiger eye necklace from my great grandma
  • Antique gold tone bangles
  • Gold tone cuff by Darrell Roach

bold accents 1-01

bold chartruse scarf-01

  • Crop top by Free People
  • Vintage high waisted black velvet shorts
  • Vintage chartreuse scarf




What to Wear When You’re Feeding a Baby Mammal

June 19, 2015


Although I’ve become a lot less modest now that I’m breast-feeding my second mammal child, I still don’t like revealing my ethnic ta-tas to all the white people. Constant double-takes. “Why are your areolas so dark?!

You may have different excuses for wanting to cover up. I’m going to share my stylin’ breast-feeding tips for all you mommas with any kind of excuse to not use a giant nursing bib while fattening up your babe.

Tank & T

The t-shirts don’t need to stay packed away until Baby is weened.  Tried & true, the simplest solution to hacking the high-teckline-tops-while-breast-feeding dilemma is to put a tank top under it.  Then you can pull up the top layer to free your boob, and cover baby’s sweaty head with it.


Crop Tops

The trendy new crop tops are my saviors when it comes to still wearing high-waist skirts: unzipping to re-tuck your shirt into your skirt in public after nursing isn’t too classy. I always put a tank top under mine and then zip up a high-waist skirt over it.



one / two / three

Scarfs & Rebozos

Scarfs are the most versatile solution in my experience, and much more aesthetically appealing than the giant nursing bib.  You can wear a low-neck top and pull your boob out, but then hide that sucker with a stylish, flowy scarf that always matches your outfit.  You can carry it around your neck when not in use to hide leaking-nipple/bra stains, wrap it around your shoulders on the airplane, use it as a baby blanket, wipe up milk that’s dribbling down your baby’s chin, and/or bunch it up for a pillow under baby’s head on the changing table.  Adrienne usually has her rebozo on her, which is a little more material to lug around, but a good option if you’d like something less sheer.

Boleros & Shrugs

Boleros don’t really cover as much as the above options, but sometimes tank tops and scarfs just wont jive with the more formal events. Boleros & shrugs can still cover up ugly nursing-bra straps and act as a curtain/screen to sort of block people’s view of your breast.  Plus, when they tie at your waist like the photo below, they help give the impression that you don’t have a bunch of back/tummy fat clenched into the waist of the skirt that fit you in junior high.



one / two / three


4th of July Style

June 15, 2015

Although, if it were possible, I would choose to associate with the Anarchist political party, I love dressing up for the 4th of July. I suppose that has to do my tendency to romanticize the WWII era, when women where realizing their worth in the game of war, and it was cool to be patriotic; the color combo is vintage in its essence.  Plus, growing up in a small town of 10,000 people, Independence Day is one of only a few holidays where most people embrace getting dressed up. Seriously. Outdoorsy wear or work clothes are the day-to-day uniform here, and it gets depressing.

The above photos are some oldies of Adrienne & I at previous 4th of July parades— over 5 years ago!  With July just a couple weeks away, I’m on the prowl for my next 4th of July outfit. It just so happens that Modcloth is having a 40% off summer items sale for the next 6 days (June 15th-19th), and here are my favorites from their sale:

modcloth 4th style

1 . 2 . 34 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9
10 . 11 . 12 . 13 . 14 . 15 . 16 . 17 . 18

Click on the corresponding item number above to shop each item,
or visit the entire sale by clicking here!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

Beauty Style

Lace Ribbon Bohemian Braids inspired by Frida Kahlo

June 8, 2015

bohemian lace braids frida tutorial

I have always been inspired by Frida Kahlo not only as an artist, woman, and true bohemian but also by her captivating style. Her style is even more captivating when you find all the meanings behind it.  Her ribbon braided hair had many meanings behind it.  1st: Frida and Diego, became a driving force of the ‘Mexicanidad’ movement which sought to increase the status of Mexican culture and decrease the Spanish influence from Europe due to European influences such as Surrealism . She started to wear traditional Mexican costumes and braided her hair with ribbons, flowers and jewelry to identify with indigenous Mexican culture. 2nd: Femininity.  Frida later cut her beautiful locks to rejected her femininity and express the pain she felt over the separation with Diego, shown in her Self Portrait with Braid

This DIY is my ode to Frida; this is my version of feminine lace braids — a personal hairstyle favorite.

What you need:

  • Lace strand long enough to braid two pigtails wrap around your head twice and tie in a bow
  • Scissors to cut the ribbon
  • Make sure your hair is semi damp for clean braids and less flyaways

hair ribbon lace braids tutorial diy


Matchy Matchy Mama & Son

May 21, 2015

Sometimes I like to match my son…



  • Cherokee striped onesie from target
  • Harem pants made by Mama
  • Argyle socks from Target


  • Forever21 color blocked dolman blouse
  • Forever21 high waisted trousers
  • Thrifted Merona Flats
  • Extreme cat eye sunglasses from Downtown LA Fashion District



  • Handmade tie dye onesie by family friend
  • Thrifted leggings
  • Color blocked socks from Target


  • Camisole from Ross
  • Vintage high waisted, early 1960’s, box pleated, wool, A-line skirt by Koret of California from antique store
  • Vintage beaded necklace from thrift store
  • Vintage straw-patent look 1960s hat by Marche from antique store
  • Thrifted Merona Flats



  • Skeleton onesie from Pop Killer
  • Carter’s Baby Boys’ Black Wayfarer Sunglasses
  • Socks from Target


  • Tank from Ross
  • Forever21 lace skirt
  • Gifted jersey braided belt from friend
  • Vintage beaded necklace from thrift store
  • Vintage clip on heirloom earrings from my Grandma
  • Off to the Laces Ballet Flats from Pinup Girl Clothing
  • Extreame cat eye sunglasses from Downtown LA Fashion District
Beauty Style

The Language of Rings

May 15, 2015

Ring PlacementOne of my friends wears thick, chunky rings on four of his fingers.  I’d once heard that in Japan each of the fingers represents different members in your family, and I wondered if he knew about that.  He didn’t, but he said that they each had a special, more abstract meaning for him.  I was jealous.  I wanted meaning!

So I started researching the meaning of rings, and treated myself to some retail therapy after a pretty emotionally exhausting/enlightening few weeks.  What I found was that the language of ring placement is fairly universal, kind of like mathematics.  In all cultures, the circle is a symbol of the all-encompassing eternity.  Rings simbolize unity and life.  In ancient cultures, rings were considered to bind the wearer with power and energy, bestowing protection on them.  Priests and shamans wear rings on their pointer fingers for spiritual guidance and leadership, and couples bind themselves together by placing them on their ring fingers.

Rings Meaning

I have bought six new rings this month, and made three— I’m a little obsessed.  It has become my morning ritual to decide who I am for the day, what I need spiritually, and I project my intentions.  Even if the rings are not harnessing extra energy from the universe, my mini-ceremony is in no doubt changing my life with the law of attraction.

Here’s what I found…

Fingers, Planets and the Yin & Yang

Your hands are essentially an energy map of consciousness, with each finger having a quality that it represents and stimulates.  Rings act as a filter, enhancing or decreasing our innate energetic characteristics.

The Two Hands

Based on the age-old art of Palmistry, your right and left hands hold distinct energies— the yin and the yang.   The passive hand holds the yin energy, the active hand holds the yang.  For right-handed people, the left is considered the passive hand, the active hand will be the right. With the left hand we receive energy, and with the right we give.

Placing a ring on the left hand aligns in to our bodies and our lives with the qualities associated with that particular finger.  When we place a ring on the right hand, that ring channels the giving/creating qualities associated with that particular finger.  The hands/energies are opposite for left-handed people.

The Thumb
The will, both personal and universal, and Self-assertion

Index Finger
Leadership, Executive Ability, Self-esteem, Power, Money, Spiritual/Religious Authority

Middle Finger
Responsibility, Universal & Human Law, Justice, Sense of Right & Wrong, Self-Analysis

Ring Finger
Love of Beauty, Creativity, Expression of Self, Relationship with Others

Pinky Finger
Intuition, Communication, Quick Intelligence


fingers ring meaning

The Greek Gods

Mercury (pinky finger)

Mercury was the messenger of the gods.  He symbolizes intellectual capacity, thought process, comprehension, and all intellectual activities in general.  He is the planet of communication and exchanges.

Sun (ring finger)

The Sun is a star of warmth, life, and light. He emphasizes courage, loyalty, nobleness and generosity, but also pride and self-centredness.  He represents the source of life itself, and therefore, creation and creativity.

Saturn (middle finger)

Saturn is a sign of ambition, maturity, wisdom and asceticism.  He is associated with the elderly, the wise, and all people who can help others overcome an ordeal such as priests, medical practitioners, etc.

Jupiter  (index finger)

Jupiter is associated with wealth, glory and honours, and he also is a success factor.  He symbolizes abundance, warmth, blossoming, good luck and self-confidence.

The Elements

varung mudraThe five elements of the body have a close relationship, with each finger representing a specific element.  The meanings of each finger in relation to the elements are key in understanding the power of Hindu/Buddhist mudras.  It is interesting to note the relationship between the planets (above) and the elements (below), and observe how the power of the mudras correlates with planetary descriptions.  For example, the Varun Mudra is the mudra for the higher mind, or mental clarity, to symbolize openness and fluid concentration.  It is formed with the thumb (universal will) and pinky (intuition).  What better way to find mental clarity than connecting your intuition to the universe?!  Mudras are effective through reflexology, as putting light pressure on specific areas on your hands triggers certain areas in the brain to activate.

Water (pinky finger)

Water characterizes change and represents the liquid state.

Earth (ring finger)

Earth represents the solid state of matter. It manifests stability, permanence and rigidity.

Ether (middle finger)

Ether is the subtlest of all elements, which is everywhere and touches everything.  It is a vessel in the mind which receives all impressions, and in the heart space accepts love.  Ether is receptivity and non-resistant to what is true.

Air (index finger)

Air is the gaseous form of matter, which is mobile and dynamic. It is a key element required for fire to burn. Air is existence without form.

Fire (thumb)

Fire has the power to transform the state of any substance: to transform solids into liquids or gas, and back again.  It is the universal force in nature that produces heat and radiates light. Fire removes doubt from the mother-substance of human heart and replaces it with joy.

With all of this laid out to enjoy and contemplate, our fundamental intuition is truly the best guide of all.  What matters most is what feels right to the ring wearer.

Additional Information on Rings & Hands