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The Dawning of the Introvert: Expressing Your Inner Goddess

June 16, 2015


I have been absorbed with social media like crazy; as a millennial I’m hooked on juggling my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Social media outlets are notorious for moving our tangible daily interaction into cyber communication, but this virtual environment creates a comforting space for the introvert to inspire and be inspired. It’s a place where creatives can find their own venue and share their ideas and gifts. Social media is not just for networking.

Introverted Inspiration

This all came to me when following a lovely lady on Instagram, Happy Sleep Folks, who shares beautiful, illuminating posts daily with the world. She’s a young new mom named Kristen who is an amazing writer, meditation teacher, and doula. She labels herself as an introvert, yet she has 13,000 followers that are inspired by her daily.  How can you be introverted when you are so socially active through social media and have a huge following of friends that are not only motivated by you, but have become your supportive network? When more amazing ideas are being shared, the fact that introverts can have a extroverted realm by way of the internet is such a beautiful thing.

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A Place To Share Your Inspired Creation

I am an “ambivert”, according to this quiz, meaning that I fall in between introverted and extroverted.  This is probably because I can be extremely outgoing on the dance floor, but when it comes to small talk with strangers, I just don’t know what to do and I get extremely awkward.  It’s not that I don’t have much to say, it’s just that I’m not very interested in small talk.  Blogging is one of the ways I can express myself.  Through blogging and Instagram I have become a better writer, more outgoing, and I am inspired more and more everyday to share my inner creativity and authenticity.

No matter what negative aspects we find in social media, the internet has allowed all of us to provoke, support, promote, and exploit compulsive, inspired creation. The age of introverts has come!



Superhighway Brief #001:
butt wallpaper, righteous tarot art & French everything

June 3, 2015

Wild Tarot Deck

Here is my favorite of the web to help inspire you in June.