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Monthly Adventure: The River Pride

September 18, 2015

Pagosa Walks

As we set out on this month’s adventure, we were a little apprehensive about just how adventurous our expedition would be. We had plans to visit a waterfall, but we were getting a late start and it was pretty far away for an almost-empty tank of gas. Instead, we decided to explore the river area nearby, which turned out to be much less exciting than we’d hoped, although still beautiful. At one point we attempted to wade to an island in the middle of the river for a picnic. However, with each cold, barefooted step with babies and bags strapped to us, that the island looked increasingly more distant, hot, and rocky; we agreed to turn back.

Wade in the water


After walking aimlessly in various directions, we finally tried trespassing through someone’s backyard in the direction of some shade, and found a nice spot by the river to set out our lunches. We ate with only a few tears and a bit of uncontrollable laughter, then prepared to head back home, ready to admit adventurous defeat — and that was when the real adventure began.

Pagosa Picnic

Momma and Baby

Baby cry

The adventure of an 18-year friendship is certainly one of the most educational, stimulating, emotionally tiresome, and rewarding journeys. Over Drie and I’s relationship there have been numerous trials that have allowed us the face the real shit, squash it, and continue on stronger, as companions and individuals

In junior high Drie and I had a rather heated fight concerning the size of a black bear. While we were riding our bikes, a semi truck passed us that featured on its side a huge photo of a bear laying on a bed. I said that the bear would have broken the bed, because bears weigh at least 1000 lbs. Drie scoffed at my idiocy, claiming that black bears weigh no more than 300 lbs. We were so irritated by each other’s inability to accept our own claims that we both rode back to our homes alone. At school the next day, the encyclopedia settled matters for us. Black bears generally weigh between 300 and 600 lbs. Google now settles many similar arguments for us before we get too riled up, thank the lord.

In high school I began experimenting with marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, and at first I was fine with Drie’s decision to remain straight-edge. But then I began getting uncomfortable with her sobriety in the middle of my paranoid trips. My new favorite topic to explore was reality and the effects of drugs, but she couldn’t contribute to the conversation, so I tried to guilt-trip her into trying weed. She refused, therefore I told her that we had to break it off. We weren’t friends for three years. It wasn’t easy going from seeing each other 365 days out of the year to avoiding eye contact in a high school of 400 kids. Yet, by graduation I had enough humbling trips to realize how sucky of a friend I’d been, and we started back where we’d left off.

There have been a couple other major fights in the midst of knowing each other, but it had been several years since our last one. Our uneventful adventure-day broke the drought. I was about to lose my first and only dog to some unknown swollen-belly disease, and Drie was in denial that he could die at only 8 years-old. He was there to witness much of the growth, partying and broken hearts of our 20s, and neither of us were emotionally prepared to let our quiet parter-in-crime leave us so soon — but Drie and I handle our emotions differently, which is hard to remember with death on the horizon. I get a fierce need to debate philosophical beliefs of justice, and Drie goes to a place of anxious positivity, both methods that allow us to escape the reality of things, but aren’t exactly related, nor enjoyable to combine together. I wanted to complain about disease, conventional treatments, and talk about the end of Hank, my dog, but Drie wanted me to shut up and not admit defeat. Our brief 4-minute argument of burning tears and racing hearts ended with Drie walking home while I was left to fold up the excruciatingly heavy picnic blanket all alone (which was really just the size & weight of a twin sheet, but how could she?!). We didn’t speak for a week.


I think what helped pull us out of those river-side grudges was that we both realized that 1) my dog wasn’t going to have a just nor positive end, and 2) that we needed to swallow our pride and allow one another to process life in different ways. In some relationships you simply need to go through the unreasonable blinded fits to remind both parties what it takes to continue on, and step it up. Not only do you need to allow room for different beliefs and ways of communicating, but you also need to be able to change the ways in which you suck at being a friend.

No one wants to face their sucky, prideful self, but sometimes you find yourself on an uneventful adventure and things start getting rocky, and you don’t want to admit it, but you chose the wrong path… and you decide that you’ll continue the adventure, but somewhere a little more rad.


Monthly Adventure: SUP & Yoga at Echo Lake

September 1, 2015

Paddle Boarding in Pagosa Springs

As summer nears its end, we decided to go paddle boarding at Echo Lake for our monthly adventure.  Still without any extra money to our names, and SUP boards being fairly expensive to rent, a good friend luckily lent us her boards. Our intention was to set off early in the morning to get some good morning light.  However, mom-duties made us get to the lake a little later than we wanted. The light and weather was beautiful.  Echo Lake is only 10 minutes from our downtown, and great little escape!



Floating along the still-water with nothing but quiet surrounding us in the crips early light was the perfect meditative experience.  We stretched here and there, leisurely, and the got a little energy to try some balancing yoga poses on the boards— that was a challenge! The morning was so peaceful and beautiful that I couldn’t help but be full of gratitude for the friends in our lives who help make our adventures possible, and the abundant nature that surrounds us.







Monthly Adventure: Tubing the San Juan River

August 3, 2015


We are so lucky to have the San Juan river run straight though our little mountain town, and with a lush spring showering us with lots of moisture, our river has been nice and full.  The best way to celebrate our gratitude is to go with the flow of nature and float down the middle of town on its wild currents.

This was our fun monthly adventure with one of our best friends, Emilie. We all grew up in Pagosa Springs and the river was one of the many outdoor activities to take advantage of in summer.  Being all grown up and having to prioritize our time with adult stuff, its hard to escape and float the river like when we were little niñas running amuck! Tempted by our youth and the river at the perfect depth, we luckily all found time this month for our adventure.

Ursala and I are broke, so we had to do this on a low budget. The river is free, thank goodness, so we just needed to find some free inner tubes and luckily our good friend lent us her tubes for the day. The only money that was spent was on a rad waterproof bag Ursala purchased for her iPhone so we could take photos.





Most of the photos that were taken only show the calm side to the river because we were too busy screaming to take pictures in the rapids. But there are a ton of wild rapids that were built into the river by relocating giant rocks, making it a fun challenge to stay on your tube!

Floating the river is a fantastic way to rekindle your youth, catch up with friends, and it’s a free adventure!




Monthly Adventure: Creede, Colorado

July 6, 2015

creedesized - familyphoto

Every month Ursala and I document at least one of our adventures together. This time we escaped to Creede, Colorado, which is 1.5 hours away from us. It’s a beautiful small town full of geological wonders and mining history. Creede is also known for the legendary Creede Repertory Theater, and most recently, scenes from the action Western film Lone Ranger were shot there.

Creede is your typical old western town with an updated charm.  There are many fun outdoor adventures to do in Creede including: fishing, hiking, and ATVing or 4X4ing into the beautiful Wheeler Geologic Area.

creede urs 1

We weren’t able to go to the Wheeler Geological Area because we were driving a mini van, and we couldn’t go to the theater because we were both broke and only had $20 to our names for the day.  So… we brought sack-lunches, and walked all around town dressed up with our babes. We had margaritas at Kip’s Grill and ice cream at a kids’ ice cream stand. Then we decided to drive up through the Bachelor Loop mine to do yoga and take pictures.

We had a really fun and fantastic girl time with our kids and no money!






Monthly Adventure: Ice Cave Ridge

June 5, 2015


Each month Adrienne and I plan to document at least one of our adventures together. We don’t spend as much time together as you would think for living only an 8-minute drive away, so we have to make big, exciting plans so that we’ll make girl-time for each other.



ice_caves_pagosa - 1

Last week Adrienne, Wyatt, Simone, Amelie, my dog Hank, and I loaded up the van and drove 30 minutes to one of Pagosa’s most trekked hike trails: the Piedra River Ice Caves.  It’s a short trail brings you to some deep fissures that shelter ice from the sun, that usually doesn’t completely melt until the end of June.  The fissures are over 25 ft deep and over 25 ft long and continue to get larger and deeper with each melt-freeze cycle.

Unfortunately, we didn’t attempt to take pictures inside the caves until the end of the hike, and by the time we got to them there was a group of 30 enthusiastic tourists climbing inside who we didn’t feel like kicking them out for some candid selfies.  It was taking too damn long for them all to trickle through the caves, so we just went home.

ice_caves_pagosa - 2