ursala and drie

Adrienne and Ursala have been friends since their Spice Girls days in 4th grade. They both currently reside in a mountain town in Southwest Colorado where they romp around in the hills with their babies, dress up for campfire parties, stuff their faces with delicious hippie food, and make cool shit in their bohemian homes. Ursala got together with her partner, Chris Haas, several years ago and had two love-children (Amelie & Simone). A few years later Chris’s brother, Blue Haas, and Adrienne fell in love and had a love-child of their own (Wyatt Grey), making Adrienne and Ursala more than just opposite-twinkie soul-sisters! Hooray!

The two ladies decided to begin blogging together in the summer of 2015 when they were simply bursting with ideas and imagery that they wanted to share with the world collaboratively. They are both passionate about style, art, yoga, wellness, photography, productivity, creation, and living happy, positive lives.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to collaborate!

ursala hudson

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