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30 Day Challenges

June 1, 2015

In May I started 30 day challenges because I was feeling guilty for not doing the things I wanted and needed to do with my son while I was trying to grow my own business and work on other creative, fun ventures and adventures.  Ursala had recently done a 30 day yoga challenge and really enjoyed it, so I thought to myself, “why not challenge myself to 30 day challenges so I could successfully do the things I need to do as a parent and the things I want to do independently for self-love?”  So it was on! I’m extremely competitive and I love a good challenge, plus this was a great way to not procrastinate, and learn balance and time management in my new mom life.


My 30 day Challenges

  • Yoga everyday. I jumped into my 30 day challenge with Ursala on the full moon by attending a Yin Yoga class with traveling duo Maredith Rom & Michael Zeligs.  They were then on an awesome tour together called the Vision & Voice Tour.  I then found two 30 day yoga challenge videos on YouTube to follow for the remainder of challenge.  They were short, so I did both videos to make my practice longer.  I did yoga with Adriene and yoga with Erin Motz everyday. (FYI Erin Motz yoga ended up having ads in between the yoga sessions half way through.  I was not happy about this.)
  • Juice at least twice a week.
  • Contortion training at least twice a week. I followed along with Fit and Bendy with Kristina Nekyia for the month.  I took her class a few times in LA at Cirque School and loved it!  As soon as I found out she released a DVD I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and do stretch training at home.  Her classes are amazing because she enforces strength for flexibility which is immensely important.  This stretch workout hurts in the best way! I bought this DVD as soon as I got pregnant and now baby Wyatt is 15 weeks and I can start training again.
  • Read at least every other day with the babe.
  • Tummy time with the babe every day.
  • Nature walks with the babe every day.

30 day challenges exist heavily for health and fitness.  It’s easy to do a diet and get abs if you challenge yourself to do it everyday.  30 day challenges make me feel like I have to make the time no matter what.  But why don’t we do these 30 day challenges for other things in our lives we wish we had time for but never do?  Check out this article about the pros and cons for fitness 30 day challenges.

I found if I combined my challenges the better my time management became and the more successful I felt. I later read an article explaining how 30 days creates a habit and ideas for 30 day challenges.  It also gives you ideas on challenges if you need help finding a challenge.  Idea #26 is combining your challenges. This article also has a great Ted talk on 30 day challenges.


What I learned

Make it work for you.  I’m a new mommy and becoming a mom was a real challenge because my freedom was no longer there to do what I want when I want.  My baby boy is my main priority so I would just work around him and his schedule. However, I realized that in order to get my challenges in I needed to wake up before him, or incorporate him into my tasks.  It was difficult to find time to blog, work on Ghost Rabbits (my vintage store), and do my challenges on top of being a mom while not getting frustrated.  I had to learn to be OK with finishing something I started later in the day, or crunching challenges together.  It’s usually suggested that you only pick one challenge so you have a better chance to succeed, but I picked a zillion. This worked for me, because not all of my challenges were daily, which helped me succeed and feel accomplished.

A daily planner. I’m not necessarily trying to start a habit with any of these challenges but in a way they are my weekly planner. Eventually I’d like to get a tangible planner, but knowing that I had a checklist that I had to accomplish every day or so was a way to work me into using a real planner.

Competing with myself.  I’m a highly stubborn and competitive individual especially against myself and the best way I’m going to juice twice a week and read every other day is to challenge myself.  Psychologically that works for me even in my mini daily rituals.

How my 30 day challenges went

My love and I were on the road for two weeks in the middle of the month. He was tattooing and I was working on my online vintage store, posting items and shopping to find new treasures.  Sooo… I had to take my challenges on the road.  I made sure I continued all of my challenges everywhere we went which wasn’t hard since we stayed at friends that had magical yards to do yoga and explore nature with the babe.  The hard challenge to keep up with was juicing. I didn’t have my juicer on the road so I just had to buy juice (and I don’t know if that still counts).

My body feels great from all the yoga and flexibility training. I am planning to keep these challenges up to a yearly goal.  I want to have the splits and scorpion down by the end of the year!  I also feel like I’ve been a good mom making sure I read, do tummy time, and explore outside with Wyatt everyday.  I’m still going to juice as much as I can but I’m not going to challenge myself, I just hope I’ve created a little habit that will continue.  The overall experience went well and I have to say it was even easer to keep up with my challenges when I knew I had to blog about it.

I’m compiling new challenges for this new month to create a new “weekly planer” and encourage you to also!  There’s no excuse not to do those things you wish you always had time for or are scared to do!



  • Reply Gina Rogers June 8, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Hi babe! I just read this and am inspired by you! Thank you for your light and guidance. You are just developing to your true form so gracefully!!<3 keep up the good work!

    • Adrienne Young
      Reply Adrienne Young June 8, 2015 at 6:54 pm

      Thanks Love! Its amazing to see you on your path of beauty as well! I hope we meet up again soon! You could come visit us anytime or would love to make it out your way!

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